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Music-related Retail Extravaganza

I have been working all weekend. My bank balance will be happy but my spoon balance less so. I'm feeling like I'm going down with a cold, which is entirely normal for me if I have to work 5 hours a day for two days. Yes, I know that's pathetic, but that's my health for you.

It doesn't help that on Friday I went shopping for birthday presents for Richard, which involved too much walking round central London. I seem to be "allergic" to London, in that I always have snot from hell the day after going there. It's probably pollution, and there probably isn't anything I can do about it. I bought him a new drum stool. The one he had was this piece of crap. Well, I suppose that's unfair - it was free with the drum kit and perfectly fine for free, but really uncomfortable and hard to adjust, especially for multiple users of different heights (see those notches? It can only have those 6 fixed heights). I've now bought him the top of the range Mapex "drum throne" that is basically the same as this but with a soft plushy top instead of a vinyl cover. It has a spiral like old-fashioned circular piano stools so you can get it to exactly the right height, and adjust it easily if someone else wants to play. The guy in the shop said that soft tops are better than leather or vinyl as they absorb sweat (and you sweat a lot whilst drumming). It is really rather comfortable. I did see a stupidly-expensive Yamaha drum stool (£130! You can buy an armchair for that!), but it was like the bench type of piano stool and way too big.

I have given him the drum throne right away because it was too exciting to wait. Also we're spending his birthday in Berlin watching giant dominoes fall because it's the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. I couldn't possibly carry it to Berlin and back on the plane, it would take up all my luggage allowance! The other thing I've got for him is small enough to be carried.

Also, I "accidentally" bought this: Rock Band sheet music for Cello. I haven't played the cello in years again because it hurts my back (when I have Copious Free Time (TM), I need to figure out whether it is actually the position involved in playing the cello that's the problem, or if a different type of chair would help), but I couldn't resist. It was only £8.95, which seemed worth it even if all I do is look at the music and imagine playing it on the cello :) Seriously, since when have you been able to buy rock music scored for cello? You certainly couldn't when I was a teenager.

And we picked up Guitar Hero: Aerosmith because it was £14.99, and it turned out there were enough points on our Game Reward Card to get it for £4.99! It is based on the Harmonix Guitar Hero engine and so is awesome, unlike Guitar Hero: Metallica which is based on Neversoft's Guitar Hero World Tour engine. (Have I ranted about this before? Stupid purple lines!)
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