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*groan* & *sigh*

I'm still feeling pretty down. Moreover, my wonderful sleep disorder is acting up. For the past five or six days I've been resolutely on night-time mode, and I haven't been able to force myself back onto days. This isn't exactly surprising - the nature of DSPS is such that no amount of alarm clocks or sleeping pills have any effect at all if my brain isn't ready to wake up/fall asleep, but I've been well since the middle of October and I really don't want to start being all out-of-sync now.

I am going to make an attempt to get to djm4's pancake party though. I don't have much money for travelling, nor much energy for socialising at the moment, so I haven't seen any of the London poly/bi crowd in aaaaages. Tuesday's the day we have to give our availability to work, though, so I can drop by there to let them know I'm still alive before making the trek over to Leytonstone. I can pick up the things which David drove back from Brighton for me there too.

Blah. I need to sleep. But it's 10am, so I actually need to be awake.

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