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Just to let you know

I'm still reading livejournal very sporadically, and can't see this changing for a while. I've been hideously busy with work-for-money to the point of neglecting work-for-college, and now that my job isn't eating my life quite so much I need to make more time for college work.

I've thought about reducing my Default View further, but I can't easily rank people in order of importance. People are on that list because I enjoy reading their posts. And there is the possibility, as nitoda said last night, that if I trimmed people from that list based on the fact their lives were going okay, that something bad could happen to them and I wouldn't know.

So please bear in mind that I'm not "here" as much as usual, and if I haven't commented on something that's happened that's important to you, please drop the link into whichever of my posts is currently top of my journal. I don't get comments emailed to me, so commenting on an older post isn't much use - even if said post is a good deal more relevant to the subject. You could also email my baratron at livejournal address - that goes to my primary email account which I do check almost every day.

Hope everyone is mostly okay.

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