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This is just ridiculous.

I still have the sinus infection, period pain and achy joints. But now I am also having a gallbladder attack featuring so much pain that if I didn't know what it was, I'd have gone straight to the hospital. (I did actually collapse in a heap on the floor when I was trying to go to see my counsellor, stupid me for even trying). As it is, I don't seem to have a fever anymore, so it's not a gallbladder infection, so there's no actual need for me to see a doctor. Probably it's just whining about hormonal changes (apparently gallbladders are sensitive to oestrogen) and the fact I couldn't take my ursodeoxycholic acid for a few days. I just need to keep lying here in bed and taking lots and lots of lovely drugs.

But talk about one's body completely falling apart all at once!

Also I had an absolutely HORRIBLE nightmare this morning after Richard went to work and had to phone him to make sure he wasn't dead, even though I did know it was "only a dream" that he and my mum had both been murdered. Ugh.

So yeah, if anyone wants me, I'll be in a cave, under the covers of my bed, going "eurgh" :/
Tags: my evil gall bladder, my weird medical stuff

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