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Answers to poll.

I've just been replying to some old posts. Looking back, I realised that I never did get round to posting the answers to my random trivia poll thingy, so here they are.

Question 1: Which of these nicknames have I been using the longest?

The correct answer for this one is "astra". I acquired this as a nickname when I was about 9 years old and completely obsessed with becoming an astronaut. "H-L" came later, in my teens sometime. "alice" I picked when I was about 19 and wanted a new online name, and "baratron" isn't actually a nickname of mine at all. It's the name of a scary scientific instrument which tormented meeping and I in physical chem lab, and I started using it as a username out of desperation one day when I needed to create an account somewhere popular and found all my usual usernames had gone. Since then it stuck.

Question 2: Which of the following soft toys has NOT shared my bed?
The correct answer for this one is a doll (called Susan). Actually, all these creatures exist - even Susan was a doll I had. She just wasn't particularly huggable. The blanket (called Tongue) was the creature I cuddled in bed until I was about 12, then I had the teddy (called Archie) for a couple of years, then the panda (called Alice), and now I have a wolf (called Luka), who can be seen in one of my userpics. Luka is most upset with inquis for not remembering her, even though they've met.

Question 3: Which of these bands do I really, really like?
The bands I really, really like are Grand Theft Audio, Mega City Four and The Wildhearts. I like The Cure, Nirvana and Radiohead. The others are to Richard's taste, but not mine. Most people got Mega City Four and the Wildhearts, but not so many got Grand Theft Audio. Obviously I will need to write even more about Chris McCormack's hair!

Question 4: Who of these livejournal users have I known the longest?
The correct answer is inquis. I met her at Brownies when I was 9 and she was 7. After that, the order is meeping (we were in the same year at college), hatter, wuzzie and mjl, who I met online when I was 19, and for the first time in real life when he came to my 20th birthday party.

Question 5: Which of the following literary characters do I have a crush on?
Everyone got one of the three, which are Death (from the Sandman books by Neil Gaiman), Emperor Gregor (from the Vor books by Lois McMaster Bujold) and Ghost (from Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite). Of course, by using check boxes rather than radio buttons or a pull-down list, it wasn't obvious how many there were meant to be :) For all of them it's an attitude/mentality thing rather than a physical description. I like Anita Blake as a character, but don't have a crush on her. And whilst I like reading Harry Potter slash, I don't actually fancy Draco Malfoy!

Question 6: I love video games, but which of these is my favourite?
I like all of the games mentioned, but Pop'n Music is my favourite, followed by Dance Dance Revolution and Bishi Bashi. Basically, the sort of things I like are strange Japanese puzzle or rhythm action games - where you have to hit buttons in time to music.

Question 7: I've been wearing Doc Martens since I was 16, but which colour have I never had?
I realised when I saw people's answers to this that I'd accidentally thrown most of you off the trail by including "black" as one of the options. I've often said that I wear black clothes and coloured boots, and I suppose people remembered that. Which is quite complimentary, except that I have had black Doc Martens in the past - my first couple of pairs were black boots with rainbow stitching.

The colour I haven't had off that list was cherry red - I actually don't much like it much. I have had purple, navy and dark green boots, and my current ones are bright blue.

Question 8: I'm a physical wreck. Which of the following medical conditions do I have?
I have to varying degrees: asthma, cyclothymia, delayed sleep phase disorder, depression, hay fever and scoliosis. I've never had colitis or hypoglycaemia, and whilst I've had fits in the past I'm almost certainly not epileptic. My well-documented "leg problem" isn't arthritis - I've had blood tests for it in the past - but I usually describe it as "something like arthritis" because then people have an idea of the nature of the condition. Richard was the only person to get the complete list, but that's not surprising, as he's probably collected enough prescriptions for me by now.

Question 9: In what order did I start identifying as the following?
A question that virtually no one got right! The correct order is: bisexual (at age 12), vegetarian (at 14), depressive (at 18), polyamorous (at 21) and disabled (at 23). The most popular wrong answer was vegetarian, bisexual, depressive, disabled, polyamorous.

Question 10: I'm still undecided where I'm going career-wise, but which option have I never seriously considered?
I have never wanted to be a systems administrator. I've always been certain that's the one thing I'd be ideally qualified to do, but that I absolutely do not want to do.

So who's answered the most questions correctly?
Well, I can't think of an easy way to score this because some of the questions had multiple correct answers, but it seems that roxy641 got the most correct answers, with treacle_well doing the best out of the people who only really know me from online. Congratulations if you want them, and I hope you all enjoyed it!

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