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What we did on New Year's Eve.

Also, because I was feeling so wretched and lonely, we actually went out on New Year's Eve! This is a big thing if you consider that a) I don't celebrate new year at this time of year, b) the horrendous train journey we had 3 years ago.

I wanted to go out for dinner to my favourite vegan (indeed, *favourite*) restaurant, 222, for several reasons - not least of all that they're within easy reach of Clapham Junction station (train takes 8 minutes) and both of the parties I was aware of are also reached via CLJ. But 222 turned out to be closed. Or at least not answering the phone on several occasions, which given that they usually pick up within 4 rings rather implied closure... So I came up with plan B to go to my second-favourite vegan restaurant, inSpiral, where they do lasagna to die for! But although they were open, they were turning into a loud hippy-music disco at 10pm, and it was just before 8 when we left the house. We then got stuck at Wimbledon for half an hour due to "a fight" on the train where "blood had been spilled" and "police were in attendance". By the time we got to Waterloo, it was 8.52pm and the likelihood of getting up to Camden in time for food seemed slim to none. So we ended up going with plan C, which was our favourite Indian vegetarian restaurant, Chutney's, near Euston. We had potato bonda (mashed potato fried in chickpea flour), aloo tikki chat without yogurt (fried potato on chickpea curry), vegan thali C (a mixed platter of vegetable curries with lentil dhal, rice and breads) and some sort of dosa (didn't pay attention as I wasn't eating it). Om nom nom.

Then we went to hatter & bfo's party, which was relatively quiet with only a few guests. We got there just in time for the fireworks, for which I was equipped with earplugs (to block out noise) and a scarf (to block out smoke), and by standing well upwind and further away than everyone else I almost enjoyed them! We didn't really know any of the other people there, but had met one of them a few times before, and everyone was nice except one guy who was obnoxiously drunk. He went to sleep on the floor fairly early on, so after that it was fine. Also one guy called Mike seemed to be a clone of mjl - had the same sort of nose, face and voice, and the same sense of humour. It was scary! The night bus home was actually fairly pleasant (!) - no one talking loudly, fighting or exuding bodily fluids. So that was good, and my social bar is no longer bleeding red (joke only makes sense to people who play The Sims).

And today we went to 222 and had the meal we would have had on New Year's Eve had they been open. Today it was asparagus soup, garlic bread, carrot tart with roast potatoes, broccoli and tomato sauce (for me), tofu medallion spaghetti (for Richard), apricot and almond cake (for me) and apple crumble (for Richard). Om nom nom, again.
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