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Skin infections FTL.

I have an infected sore on my left thigh! It was a hair follicle once - now it is a huge red bump with violet streaks and blood oozing out. It actually looked bad enough today that the doctor winced when I showed it to her. So I have hardcore antibiotics (ampicillin + flucloxacillin). This is awesome from a medicinal chemistry point of view. The flucloxacillin is for β-lactamase-producing bacteria such as staphylococci (though it doesn't work on MRSA), and the ampicillin is for non-β-lactamase-producing bacteria such as streptococci. Or so says Wikipedia anyway - my microbiological knowledge is rather non-existent.

I also have yet another itchy intertrigal rash where my legs meet my body. One of these days I will learn that if I take a bath rather than a shower, I have to wash that area separately afterwards. Otherwise yeasts and bacteria that live harmlessly on other parts of my body get in there and cause irritation. Wow, this post is filled with TMI.

I didn't even get into the extreme itchy patch on my head. I thought that was enough disgusting skin issues for one day. Besides, the thing on my head is most likely eczema or something else mundane.
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