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Mystery bear! - helen-louise
Mystery bear!
I am really very confused. Someone, as yet unknown, has sent Richard & I presents (?) from Mamas and Papas. There is no invoice, delivery note or gift receipt to say who it is from. And the company/products are clearly aimed at babies and people having babies. We are not reproducing anytime soon!

There is a Crumble Bear Soft Toy and a Zeddy and Parsnip Pyjama Case. At a combined cost of £32.40 it seems rather expensive for a prank. Also I can't think who, other than someone with a baby, would buy us soft toys from a baby shop, rather than Beanie Babies or something like that.

If you know anything about this, please tell me/us because we have no idea what's going on! Thank you.

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From: inkyann Date: 13th January 2010 21:27 (UTC) (Link)
Any joy if you ring them and say it's maybe a wrong delivery? [no pun intended]. Can they divulge the sender's name?
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