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Here is the news...

Every so often, I have a look through ananova for interesting or amusing news items. Here are some of the better stories from the past week:

Amazing science: Scientists use llama droppings to clean polluted water supply. Filters made from llama droppings are being used to purify polluted water in the Bolivian Andes. The water supply in the city of La Paz runs through an abandoned mine - picking up harmful iron and cadmium. Scientists in Newcastle say locally available llama waste is an ideal home for bacteria which remove metals from the water...

Modern life is rubbish: Disposable DVDs 'could create waste havoc'. Environmentalists are worried about the development of a disposable DVD for rental films. A US company has come up with a self-destruct recording, which is destroyed by the laser which reads it. Green campaigners say it will lead to more waste and even 'DVD mountains' because of new European waste laws.

Disgusting technology: 'Cod semen' cosmetics get a boost. Protein from cod semen is being used to make cosmetics.... It is also used in chocolate, medicine and breast milk substitutes. Remind me not to buy any Norwegian chocolate unless it's clearly labelled in English!

This is how I want to be buried: Belgian undertaker uses Harley Davidson instead of hearse.

"I wanted to discuss my ISA, not meet gay men."A bank has apologised for mistakenly directing customers to a gay chat line for financial advice. Halifax Share Dealing sent out 15,000 letters with the wrong contact number for an ISA hotline.

And finally: South West Trains run to time. News as at 07:43 Monday 11th February 2002 :)

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