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It's a miracle!
The last time I used a unix-based command line in earnest was 2001 or so. Since then, if I have been asked to do something that requires use of the command line, I have panicked and asked Richard to talk me through it.

Yesterday I sat down in front of a big shiny molecular graphics box running SuSE (which I've never used before, but I get on well with lizards). And all my unix filesystem knowledge came flooding back. I was impressing Philip by knowing all the commands and arguments. I was impressing myself by knowing all the commands!

So apparently my unix knowledge is highly context-specific. It exists only in the context of chemistry research. Who'd have thought it?

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alexmc From: alexmc Date: 6th March 2010 19:33 (UTC) (Link)
Go you!
theta_g From: theta_g Date: 8th March 2010 01:52 (UTC) (Link)
SuSE sussed, you say?
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