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Easter weekend, inc Pokemon and shopping for trousers.

Haven't written anything here in ages. This is because I successfully achieved my goal of spending the Easter long weekend doing nothing but sleeping and playing Pokemon :)

Oh, there was some other stuff. Went shopping for trousers, my least favourite thing ever, and achieved 5 pairs that fit - including the first pair of jeans I've owned in years! Managed this by picking up every size 18/20 pair of black trousers in Marks & Spencer and analysing it by the two essential criteria of "Is there enough fabric to cover my arse?" and "Will my fat thighs fit in this?". Then took something like 12 pairs to the changing room. Discovered that in some styles the 18 Short isn't just cut down in the legs like you'd expect, but also in the arse region (what?), so I have several pairs of 18 Short but also 2 in 18 Medium. Bought multiple copies of the trousers I really liked so I don't have to go shopping again for a few more years, yay.

Also: taught a few students, delivered leaflets for the Liberal Democrats, signed the nomination papers for the local LibDem councillors (!), saw Tim & Peter and gave Tim his birthday present. Ran out of antihistamine and discovered that it really does work! (itchy, sticky, miserable eyes with bizarre watering followed).

Did not do anything towards tidying the house courtesy of Richard being at work on Saturday and paintball marshalling on Sunday (and therefore sleeping on Monday). Just as well I hadn't planned to, eh?
Tags: allergies suck, i hate fashion, pokemon, tim+peter

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