helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

I am such an idiot.

Bah. When I left college on Monday 29th March, I'd just discovered some really useful/interesting things. Didn't have time to write them up then as it was already Too Late and I was falling over with hunger. I told myself it would be okay as I'd write them up in the next couple of days...

Did I? No! So now, instead of getting new work done, I'm piecing together old work from the paucity of notes that I *did* make. I AM A MORON!

Things are not helped by the fact the GUI for this piece of software appears to have been designed from scratch without any reference to existing GUIs or window managers. So dialog boxes pop up, without any "close" or "minimise" button in the header. What you have to do to actually close the window is to look for a button marked Q, which isn't even in a consistent place in each dialog box. It's generally in the top left of the main part of the window, but sometimes occupies all of the left-hand edge. I don't know of any window manager on any operating system that's ever used this method, and it's annoying.

Also, my ears are itching. Sitting in front of this computer without earplugs is more or less impossible, it's just too loud; but the earplugs are itching and scritching in my ear canals, and I have to keep taking them out to scratch. SO MUCH EARWAX! Ugh. Once I'm somewhere with a properly secured browser, I'll get onto Audio Relief and order several more pairs.

Still. If this mail goes through, I'll have successfully learned how to post by email. I know most of you learnt this years ago, but I've never needed to before. Edit: Nope, came through with a load of horrible line breaks, and the lj-headers were in the body of the message. Can't even do THAT right today!
Tags: not geeky enough it seems, research

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