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I am going to go insane!

Richard is going to Malaga tomorrow. Leaving at the crack of dawn (his flight is 6.50 am!) and not getting back until late on Monday (he gets back to Heathrow at 10.40 pm). He has designed the new circuit board and software for the Angel, a very well-known type of paintball "marker", so is going to be making himself visible at one of the major tournaments. The fact it should be relatively warm in Spain compared to here is obviously quite a major factor in this trip.

Lexa, who often stays with me while Richard is away, is going to France tomorrow for 10 days. Again, to get some much-needed warmth and sunshine.

I'm not sure what Ludy's plans for this weekend are, but her cat Sylvia is not too well at the moment, so seeing her would likely mean travelling to the Greater Brighton area. Which is a thing I haven't done properly in ages and would like to do, except I have college on Friday and Monday, and work-for-money on Saturday. And Student Finance England are still being useless (although it transpired today that the uselessness is now not solely their fault), so I don't have my MacBook yet, so I can't do work from anywhere other than college. Meaning I'm pretty much stuck in London.


Do any of my London friends want to meet me for dinner on Friday or Monday? I need to make sure I get fed, because I'm rubbish at cooking when it's just me in the house. I'll probably be free about 8.30pm...

Also, we discovered last Friday that Italian Graffiti, our favourite Italian restaurant because a) the food is good, b) the service is fast and c) it's opposite Richard's work is closing forever on 1st May. This is really sad news! We don't know if the new owner is going to keep it as an Italian or if it's going to become some other type of restaurant.
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