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Wuzzie update.

Richard successfully made it to Malaga on time, despite what the BBC News site is referring to as the "Iceland Volcano Cloud". (Well, it's not like any non-linguist British people can pronounce Eyjafjallajökull). However, the paintball tournament he went out there for has been completely messed up. Only two-thirds of the teams could get there. His team made it because they tend to travel early. Another British team DROVE from Manchester - a 24 hour trip of non-stop driving! None of the other British or Scandinavian teams could.

Also, the weather has been utterly appalling. We in London have had warm sunshine - today was 20 °C and so sunny that my sun-starved skin felt like it was burning on the short walk up to the station. Apparently in Malaga it has been raining and extremely windy, and all of the matches yesterday were called off because of a severe thunderstorm. I'm pretty sure that going to Spain is supposed to involve better weather than here.

Now he is stranded because his flight tomorrow has been cancelled. Best, he'll be back on Tuesday. Worst, he'll be back on Thursday, and that's if no flights are happening and he has to take the coach home. Apparently the coach they've chartered to get people home will get to Malaga on Tuesday night, and it'll take 48 hours to drive back to London (!). I'm not quite sure about any of this, really.

It's very difficult being in the house by myself when I'm used to having someone else here. I don't know how people who live alone all the time manage, to be honest. And it must be even weirder living alone for some of the time and then not at other times (if you have a long-distance partner and sometimes have them with you). The oddest thing is how cold I get in the evening without Richard. He radiates an awful lot of heat.
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