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What's wrong with this email?

Dear All,

It has come to my attention that the map sent earlier failed to send, so directions to this afternoon's wrap are as follows:

- Turn left out of the entrance to Birkbeck reception and walk down Torrington Square to Torrington Place.
- At Torrington Place, walk up towards Waterstones and cross to the other side of the road to Malet Place.
- Walk down Malet place about 100 metres and under the tunnel.
- On the other side of the tunnel, look behind you and you will see the steps up to the Medical Science building. Climb the steps and enter the building.
- In the foyer, take the stairs facing you up to the first floor, where the AV Hill Lecture Theatre is.

Best wishes,


Where are the alternative directions for people who can't, or shouldn't, use stairs?

And yes, you freaking well know that I can't/shouldn't use stairs, because we had this conversation only very recently about the damned Symposium!

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