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Live blogging the election - with big lag :)

00:52 Peter Robinson, Northern Ireland's First Minister, "unexpectedly" lost his seat.
[00:53] syllopsium not unexpected
[00:53] dannilion big swing is big
[00:53] syllopsium belfast east was *not* a surprise
[00:53] syllopsium he was sleazed up to the eyeballs
[00:55] softfruit Alliance win! Awesome!!! :)
[00:55] dannilion I automatically thought of the Alliance in World of Warcraft
[00:55] softfruit Alliance are in an, erm, alliance, with the Lib Dems, for anyone who doesnt know.

Strange constituency names:
[01:02] <GPI> ... wow that's an interesting name
[01:02] <GPI> Northampton South
[01:02] fluffymormegil Borough population of 200k will do that :)
[01:02] fluffymormegil sadly, there is no Southampton North.

01:03 The BBC is annoying us. Plaid Cymru just gained a seat, so the BBC has started talking about Scotland...? It's not just Welsh people who care about Wales, you know!

01:14 The Liberal Democrats hold Torbay - a seat in danger of going to the Conservatives.
[01:14] softfruit LD 23126 - Con 19k You Beauty!
[01:14] softfruit 4k majority stays at 4k i think?
[01:15] baratron also, Pedrick-Friend - what's someone with a double-barrelled surname doing standing for Labour? ;)
[01:15] fluffymormegil :)
[01:15] <lolman> 1.1% to LD
[01:15] syllopsium ld hold, but labour -8%
[01:15] softfruit first con to ldm swing of the night. i eat my hat, and will try to predict con gains in other ldm seats!

01:31 There have been widespread issues of voters being disenfranchised. Most of the seats involved are those with close contests, where vigorous campaigning has gone on. These are mostly Liberal Democrat seats as we have few safe seats. Post on the legal issues by karen2205.

01:36 Further BBC annoyances - in the middle of the City of Durham count, a tight Liberal Democrat/Labour race, the BBC switched over to show the count for Kirkcaldy. Very annoying, because of course Gordon Brown will hold his own seat, even if he stops being Prime Minister! We wanted to know if we'd won Durham! Turns out to be a Labour hold for Durham with a mere 0.4% swing Lab to LD.

01:41 Unfathomable questions:
[01:41] barakta You do realise no one while I have been on here have done Shag Marry Cliff on Gordy, Dave and Nick!
[01:43] baratron would you WANT to do Shag Marry Cliff on Gordy, Dave and Nick? that would mean shagging one of them, and marrying another!
[01:44] <GPI> shag nick clegg, marry gordon brown
[01:44] fluffymormegil ... and murder him for the insurance money?

01:51 The Conservatives hold Guildford. Disappointing for us as Liberal Democrats because last time there was a mere 0.09% Tory majority. However, let's be honest - it's deepest Surrey. The surprise is really that the LibDems did so well last time.

Have to say though, people keep talking about percentages and saying the LibDem vote is down. Is it? If the turnout is way up, I wouldn't be surprised if the actual number of votes is very similar number, and it's simply that more people have turned out to vote Tory this time. I want to check the actual numbers.

02:47 baratron National Liberal Party - votes, 93
baratron not very national, that
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