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Almost up-to-date election live-blogging! - helen-louise
Almost up-to-date election live-blogging!
04:21 Good news as LibDems hold Colchester.

04:23 Sad news as we lose Oxford West, and the excellent MP Dr Evan Harris. The Conservative majority is a mere 176! Unfortunately a boundary revision has removed most of the colleges of the University of Oxford from the constituency - students are traditionally more likely to vote LibDem as we are the most student-friendly party. Then Chesterfield lost to Labour. Boo.

04:28 Amusing news for those who hate celebrities as Esther Rantzen will not be entering the House of Commons. In fact, she got so few votes (a mere 1872) that she lost her deposit. Hehe.

04:29 We lose York Outer :(

04:41 Lots of good news. The LibDems hold Sutton and Cheam, a key Tory target, and Ross Skye & Lochaber. Jacqui Smith, one of the most corrupt Labour MPs, has been voted out. We hold Dorset Mid (with a mere 269 vote majority!) and Cheadle.

04:52 LibDems gain Norwich South from Labour! But also lose Cornwall South East to the Conservatives. Then we hold Birmingham Yardley. Stressful.

05:23 Cambridge held!!! Rumours were suggesting this would fall to the Conservatives, and indeed there was a 7% swing from LD to Conservative. But we still managed a LibDem majority of 6792.

I've totally forgotten to mention that Lembit Opik lost his seat in Montgomeryshire, and I can't even remember when it happened. Hours ago.

05:26 Kingston & Surbiton hold! I've been worried sick due to not having heard about any of our really local constituencies. Still nothing about Twickenham. Twitter suggests that Richmond Park (our constituency) has already gone to at least one recount. We also hold Leeds North West.

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emperor From: emperor Date: 7th May 2010 07:06 (UTC) (Link)
I went to school with the Labour candidate for Kingston & Surbiton, but I'm still pleased to see he didn't beat the LDs!

Lembit was before I went to bed, so 2ish, I think.
baratron From: baratron Date: 7th May 2010 21:41 (UTC) (Link)
Oh. Good reminder. I went to college with the LibDem candidate for... whatever constituency Tim & Peter used to live in! I must find out if he got elected.

Probably not, but it's sorta awesome that there are 30-something MPs now.
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