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Election live-blogging post 6.

I'm wondering what today's newspapers are going to say. We had no idea what was happening in terms of Parliament composition 4am when the absolute latest editions go to press.

07:15 LibDems gain Bradford East from Labour with a 7.6% swing Lab to LD, and gain Solihull from the Conservatives with a 0.3% swing. Up to 50 LD seats now, which would make for LD50 puns if we weren't all so tired.

They haven't even started COUNTING the votes in Poplar yet?! That was one of the constituencies with severe accusations of electoral fraud, things like 18 people suddenly being added to one, 3-bedroomed house. Apparently it's taken all night just to verify the number of votes cast and the postal votes.

The Guardian claims that 25 constituencies won't even start to be counted yet... So we won't actually know the composition of Parliament until this evening. Definitely thinking about going to bed now.

07:32 LibDems lose Truro & Falmouth to the Conservatives. Further proof that when a popular incumbent MP stands down for an unknown new candidate, the LibDems may lose the seat.

08:10 LibDems hold Manchester Withington, Labour hold Streatham. And I think the people in BBC titling are all falling asleep, because they declared that an Independent candidate had won Manchester Central from Labour - but the results on the web site show a strong Labour hold!

Nothing at all interesting has happened for a while. Definitely time for bed.
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