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Why is it that every weekend that I set aside to get house tidying done, I get ill? I have a fever and I've spent most of the day asleep. stellarwind sent me "More cowbell", which is obviously the only prescription. And I've been watching Eurovision for my annual dose of extreme GAY. With glitter. 

I really loved the Azerbaijani woman's dress, which was blue and spangly. But I can't find a photo of it online - she wore a different outfit in the semi-finals and the official video.

Moldova - "Run Away". Perfect Euro-pop. I can imagine dancing like an idiot in a gay disco to this one :)

Turkey - "We Could Be The Same". This band is called maNga and they rock my socks off. Not as much as Lordi back in 2006 (that was real METAL), but still better than anything else we heard tonight. And it came second!

Not too much political voting this year. Belarus gave 12 points to Russia is political voting, and Cyprus voting for Greece. Apart from that it mostly went on talent.

The UK's entry was absolutely dreadful and deserved the 10 point total it got. I have no idea why we have to run this stupid "talent" show on TV every year instead of submitting an entry from a singer or band who's already famous?
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