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Currently, I am sitting in my office at college, with the big shiny computer in front of me, and my MacBook Pro next to me :D

I have GOLD running on the shiny computer, and PDB searches & journal articles on the MacBook. Grabbing articles from the college internet when I'm physically here is so quick that I barely even notice a delay - whereas the hassle involved to authenticate from home is unbelievable. Here I just click the link and the PDF is there. From home, it takes minutes for each article, and having to enter usernames and passwords multiple times (even using the Virtual Private Network, which is supposed to remove such obstacles).

Now, if only I could find a second browser that I like as much as Windows Opera or Linux/Mac Firefox, I'd be all set. (Mac Opera seems quite nasty in comparison, really nothing like as neat as it is on Windows (also, I feel Opera 10 is a downgrade from 9, on Windows too), and Safari is SO SLOW. Haven't tried Google Chrome yet.) I want a second browser so that I can have two livejournal sessions running from different accounts (this one and my sekrit squirrel anonymised fiction-posting account).

Hmm, I think I'm in the slightly manic phase of my mood cycle. Well, whatever :D Work is happening, for once.
Tags: mac, research, yes i'm a geek

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