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tired and depressed

I had a couple of entries I was planning to make, but a friend came round and we played Pop'n Music and Crazy Taxi until late. Then I logged on and checked my email, and found a load of updates from the news service I'm subscribed to, telling me there'd been a train crash in Lincolnshire. Apparently a van crashed through a wall onto a railway line, and a train hit it. Normally, this would be only mildly upsetting news, but it's a year to the day after the Selby train crash, which happened in very similar circumstances. It's slightly creepy.

Richard's away tonight, and I feel lonely and unhugged. I'm past the irritable stage of PMT and into the sad, lonely and obsessive stage. I feel as though my hormones are literally driving me crazy. I want my fucking period to start so I can have my brain back.

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