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Out of spoons, redo from start.

Today I have dragged myself out of the house for the first time in... over a week. (I can't actually remember when I last left the house). Brought myself up to college, walking v e r y   s l o w l y, and got a taxi from Waterloo because my ability to deal with stairs on the Tube is, heh, laughable. Only to find the big shiny computer is still broken, so I can still do no more work here than I could at home (not that I've been working at home either - too ill). The main lifts are out of action until September because they are being replaced - this is probably going to be a very good thing in the long term, because I'm told by Estates that the lifts we had before were desperately under-specced, which was why they broke down all the time - but in the meantime it means walking out of my way to use the goods lift or the passenger lifts at the other end of the building. Which is hard when I'm flippin' exhausted. The library lift is broken for the umpteenth time, so I can't access the library out of hours because I have to ask a librarian/library assistant to take me upstairs via the goods lift and secret passageway. And I've just found out today that the lab stool that has been sent by my Disabled Students' Allowance supplier is the wrong one. It's a low/short lab stool, and I was supposed to be getting a tall one - so I could work at an actual chemistry lab bench like a normal person.

If you look at this web site (belongs to manufacturer rather than useless DSA supplier), what they have actually sent is the Opus Low Laboratory Chair, and they were supposed to be sending the Opus High Laboratory Chair. I don't know if this is like the laptop, yet another mistake made by the useless PA who typed up my DSA report, or if it's a mistake at the supplier's end. Certainly not very happy about it though!

And it'll take more spoons that I don't have to get it sorted out. Walking hurts like hell, I've still got my right wrist strapped up all the time except when I'm asleep, still can't write, open doors or turn taps with my right hand, carry objects of more than, say, 2 kg because of it (that's the weight of my laptop held between both hands, and it's taking considerable spoonage to move it around the house, especially if stairs are involved), and I'm sleeping for 12 hour blocks. Usually waking up panicky because that's all part of the hyperventilation occulta, which then makes me non-functional for a few more hours. And then feeling quite depressed, can't think why that could be </sarcasm>.

I need someone to come round and find/sort out all my taxi and book receipts, and shout at Student Finance England until they send me the claim forms (the normal claim form is on the internet but there is apparently a 'special' book claim form, gods only know where that one is secreted), fill in the claim forms, get a letter written from someone official at college to support the days when I have taxi receipts that aren't detailed enough for what they want, and reapply for DSA for next year. Oh yes - and get my house tidied so it's not a complete state, and get some academic work done.

Oh, and to add more fun, the door in the postgraduate office on the sixth floor has a broken lock, so you need to enter the code as you go out as well as when you go in, and hold the handle down to lock the door. I can't do this, because of aforementioned shitty weak wrists! So I don't know what I'll do if everyone else leaves before me tonight! Apparently no one has actually reported it! I'm hardly ever in this office - only here tonight because my brain was too fried for me to remember to bring my keys for the third floor office where I usually am, but some people are here every day - surely it's sensible to report a broken lock?! Am I asking way too much here?

Other things that have been eating my brain lately: trying to get access to the disabled areas at the Sonisphere festival. The thing they use to determine eligibility (apparently ALL music festivals and concerts) is whether or not you receive Disabled Living Allowance, which I've never bothered to try claiming because I know I'd only get the lowest possible rate, and the form is too depressing to fill in. So it looks like I'll have to do that, and get rejected, because that's how claiming DLA works (you apply, and even if you can't physically move without help, you get rejected, and then you appeal it). ARGH.

Oh well. I have tickets to go and see Peter Mandelson speak on Monday. That should be fun.
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