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Going down with something...

I think I have the start of a cold. My stomach has been upset all day, in typical lactose-intolerant style, but I know I haven't had anything with milk in since 4pm yesterday. My nose is running, I feel nauseous, and my right ear is itching terribly, just a tiny bit too far inside for me to scratch. Damnit. In my line of work, talking all day on the phone, a cold is the worst possible type of minor ailment to have. So I've just taken some vitamin C. I'd take echinacea too, but that goes straight through me.

I am now only 460 posts behind on my default friends page (which includes all real people and a few of the less busy communities). Sometime I might actually catch up.

I identify very strongly with this post from jinian. That sense of wanting people to be talking to me directly might account for some of the online agoraphobia I've developed recently. Something I should look into, I suppose.

I think griffen posted both of these: from real life, officials at the New York Aquarium finally realize that the most dedicated couple in the penguin enclosure is a pair of males, and from The Onion, Church group offers homosexual New Life in Closet.

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