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It's little things like this that annoy me.

Email received all of 5 minutes ago, dated today:
Dear Miss $my_surname

Student Reference Number: [reducted]
Programme of study: Chemistry Research

You are now eligible to enrol for the forthcoming academic year on the above programme of study. In order to be fully enrolled you must confirm your personal and programme details and pay your fees, or make appropriate payment arrangements.

You must complete enrolment by 1 October 2010, or within 2 weeks of the date of this email if later.

In order to enrol online all you need is your Birkbeck username and password. If you are a new student you will receive an email from IT Services (ITS) with details of your username and password.

To enrol now go to www.bbk.ac.uk/enrol

*h-l thinks* Oh, I should do that! I'll do it now to make sure I don't forget. *click on the URL above*
Service Unavailable

The online enrolment facility is currently unavailable due to essential maintenance work. We apologise for the inconvenience.

We expect this service to be resumed from midday on Saturday July 31st 2010.

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