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Just in case you've been wondering...

Yes, I have actually been dead. I'm getting better though.

I've had some sort of virus which would probably have been incredibly minor in a healthy person - in an Interesting Science Experiment sort of way, I've managed to infect Richard, and he is basically carrying on with life as normal apart from coughing a bit and sucking throat lozenges. But with all my other health stuff, it's knocked me out since Sunday night. I've been asleep a lot of the time, having hideous snot attacks, and asthma.Today's the first day I've been well enough to look at the computer for more than 5 minutes at a time - although I'm feeling exhausted and headachy just from reading livejournal for an hour.

Although now that I'm starting to get better from the cold, my period would have to start. Argh. At least I can be comforted by the fact that there is something worse than period pain and a miserable cold at the same time - and that is period pain, a miserable cold and gallstone pain! Been there, done that, very glad my gallstones are mostly all dissolved now :)

Also glad that when I called the GP's surgery on Friday at 9.30am to ask when my doctor would next be in, they offered me an appointment at 4.10pm. THIS IS UNHEARD OF! Normally getting a same-day appointment with my doctor requires phoning on the dot of 8.30am when appointments open, and ideally physically going to the surgery to queue. He's given me this stuff called Baclofen which is a muscle relaxant, and is working wonderfully on the pain I've had for a couple of months from chronic hyperventilation/fatigue. It's not addictive and is safe for use in WAY higher doses (I'm taking 5mg a day, and the maximum dose used in severe spasticity is 100mg a day), so I can basically take it until I don't need it any more.

I just wish I'd known years ago that a drug actually existed that could alleviate my chronic pain, because I've spent years with the only known treatments being rest, strapping, and hot baths - none of them particularly effective. At least now I know enough biochemistry to appreciate what a GABA agonist is.

The biggest problem I have right now is that my sleep patterns have become completely inverted, again. I went to bed fairly early on Sunday night because I was exhausted (where "fairly early" for a night owl-type person is before 2 am), and then didn't wake up properly until 8pm. Then couldn't get to sleep before 8am, and now I'm just on this totally backward sleep cycle of waking up at 8pm and falling asleep at 8am. Hrm. I need to get it sorted because it's BiCon next weekend and I'd quite like to not be asleep throughout the entire day.

Have a lot more stuff to talk about, but I need to get off the computer now because my head is too icky. Hopefully write more tomorrow.
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