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BILLY the bookcase says hello!

Also, every time I get a book off my new bookshelf, all the other books on the shelf fall over. And it's GETTING ON MY NERVES! It's happening despite the presence of a heavy object which should stop the books being able to move. Obviously someone has turned off friction or inertia in this house, that's the only conclusion I can come to.

I know my entries lately have been scattered as hell. I'm sure people not on my trusted people list must be thinking there are tons of locked entries they can't see which would make the public ones make sense, but there really aren't. It's simply that I haven't had time to write all the inbetween posts that would fill in the gaps.

The short story is that I have a new study, in the back room which was previously our spare & junk room. Some of you have stayed there, sleeping in a loft bed. We don't have it any more. When things are more settled, I'll get a futon chair bed, but that won't be until all the other work in this room has been done - plaster and paint and floor (and getting the rest of Richard's junk out of here and into his workshop). And that won't be until I'm at least past this crisis.

The old study downstairs is going to be the new junk room, for now. Though we are actively working to reduce the amount of junk in this house (you would not believe how much has gone out, if you came here and saw how much still exists). And later my Mum will use it to sort out all her junk. She's flapping about the loss of a dining room, though I pointed out that we've only ever used the old downstairs study as a dining room at Christmas (one day a year), and I think we can cope with eating in the kitchen or going out for Christmas dinner.

Right. Really going to do some work now. Hello, Textbook of Structural Biology!
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