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Christmas presents.

Blah. I have various people that I'm supposed to be emailing or otherwise contacting, and I don't have enough energy. I'm sitting on irc watching conversations happen because I don't feel up to saying anything.

One of the things I need to say is this:
If you are a person who would normally buy me a Christmas present, don't bother this year.

Normally I love buying presents for people, and matching the present to the person; but I'm so short of energy that it'll eat spoons I don't have available. Also, I'm really short of money at the moment, and I want to spend what little I have on a holiday because I desperately need a break.

I know it's sorta rude to put this in livejournal instead of in personal email, but I'm just Too Tired right now. And I think it's important to tell people as soon as possible, because some of you have to start budgeting for Christmas several months in advance.

I'll still be doing Christmas cards, probably late as usual :)

Also, I should get in the post the various things that I've been meaning to send for weeks/months :/
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