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some notes, & meta

Notes about my life:
  1. I saw jaxom today! He called me this morning and said that he'd be in London, and was I free? It was extremely fortunate that I'd booked today as a day off, 'cos when I'm at work it's almost impossible for me to see people during the day. After some answerphone-related confusion, we met up for pizza, a drink and shopping. We worked out it had been something like 18 months since we'd last seen each other. I am pleased to note that he's exactly the same as ever - aged a little & grown a little, but fundamentally the same person I've been friends with for years. This is a Good Thing.

  2. I also went to the doctor today, and got a prescription for all of the items I'll need for the next few months. I was amused to emerge from the pharmacist with a bag containing 14 things. The doctor had a few non-drug ideas for how to cope with the PMS thing, which I'll try in preference to drugs in the first instance. He observed how much better my depression is now than when I first went to him, and I explained that over time I've learned to notice when my mood is starting to go off and do something about it before it gets too bad. One thing for other people to bear in mind about the premenstrual mood disorder is that it generally manifests itself as irritability, and I haven't got the internal self-check for irritability set up yet. If I seem to be much more annoyed, tense, short-tempered or overcritical than usual, don't assume I know I'm behaving that way - please let me know about it.

Notes about livejournal:
  1. I realised today one of the benefits of livejournal over a paper diary. I've never been much good at keeping a diary because I sometimes find it's too much effort to write down what I think about something just so that I remember it later. One of the benefits of something like livejournal is that it's not always necessary to write up your own account of an event you want to remember. You can simply link to a friend's telling of it.
  2. I have now caught up with livejournal up to 28th February, so I know how people were as of 11 days ago.
  3. I need to post something in londonpolybis about the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, something in rhythm_action about all the new games I've seen or played recently, and something in chronic_health about my life in general. Won't be doing any of those tonight though - I'm far too tired.

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