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I think the word you're looking for is "yaoi"...

I'm reading bad fanfic. Currently laughing my arse off at the following phrase that appears in each of the first 8 chapters...

THIS IS A YAIO which means… BOY/BOY. May also have girl/girl buy most likely not.


I know some people have spelling difficulties and/or typing difficulties for whatever reason - but surely, surely you'd use a spellchecker and/or get a friend to read over a story before posting it to a fanfiction site? Wouldn't you? Especially the most important words, like characters' names and Japanese terminology... I can only assume she was writing the story on a Sony Vaio and got confused.

Mind you, it's not as bad as the story I read a few minutes ago that was written by someone who has "a BS in English, with minors in Professional Writing and Art", who didn't know the difference between accept & except, insure & ensure, and other such primary school howlers...

Any minute now I'm going to stop this and do something more useful (like feed myself or clean the kitchen), but the horror is too compelling.

Here is some deliberate horror, from weepingcock. Of course, not even vaguely safe for work.

I also recommend the past week or so's Questionable Content (read from 1786 to 1793), and then read Marigold's horrible fanfic for yourselves. Argh! (Though I genuinely approve of "Let's get married, because wizards believe in Equal Rights and anybody can marry anybody else").
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