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On pain, and spoons. - helen-louise
On pain, and spoons.
I meant to get up early & go to the library today. But when the alarm went off, my back was hurting too much for me to stop being horizontal. In retrospect, what I should have done was take painkillers at that point.

I tend to resist taking painkillers unless it's absolutely necessary. Problem is, I'm not all that good at telling if it's absolutely necessary. Period pain? Yes, it doesn't go away by itself. If I leave it I'll be in screaming agony for three days. Back pain? Well, sometimes just lying down clears it. Sometimes a hot shower's enough.

Now it is 10 hours after my alarm went off the first time, and my back still hurts. I have taken painkillers, am sitting in my "special" orthopedic, back-supporting chair, and my back still hurts. Gods damn it.

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redbird From: redbird Date: 28th November 2010 13:13 (UTC) (Link)
Much sympathy.

I read this after a chunk of discussion with Cattitude and Adrian about my tendency to put off taking pain meds, in a generic "maybe if I wait it will go away" attitude. Sometimes that's sensible, but not always, and I've been losing track of which is which, and that can be wearing on all three of us. Part of what I need, I think, is to sort out the different sorts of problems, but the other thing, the hard one, is to remind myself that it's okay to just take the NSAIDs.
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