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New toy! New toy!

Just a quick post, because I have a new toy to play with: it's a Nokia 8310. It's shiny! It's tiny! It costs lots of money but I got it for free!

I rang Orange on Monday to ask about changing my talk plan 'cos my last couple of phone bills have been far too high, and in passing the Customer Service rep noted I've had the same model of phone for 3 years. A lot of people change their phones every year, but I've never bothered because the phone I got originally was a really decent one. I haven't been able to afford an upgrade for aesthetic reasons, and it's only now with high speed data and GPRS services that there's a technical reason for me to get a new phone. I told her that I was in love with the 8310 but couldn't possibly afford one. She had a look on the computer and figured out that as I'd never had an upgrade, I could get an 8310 for free provided I signed another 12 month contract. Well, seeing as I had no intentions of leaving Orange, that wasn't exactly a problem :) So now I have shiny new toy!

Currently cooking dinner - trying to decide whether to have vegan bolognaise or pesto with my pasta. I was very pleased to find vegan pesto in the shop, but after I'd bought it I discovered it was a travesty. The ingredients of real pesto are as follows: basil, olive oil, pine nuts & a little garlic.
The ingredients of this pesto are: basil, sunflower oil, brazil nuts, cashew nuts & hazelnuts. And garlic.
I mean - sunflower oil? Brazil nuts? Hmmmm.

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