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slower than a Slowpoke stuck in treacle

My literature report is coming on so slowly. I'm STILL working on the section that I'd meant to have finished by last Saturday. At this rate, I'll be taking it to New York with me, and be sitting holed up in our hotel room working on it there instead of sightseeing with my family. This is my life right now.

Getting to the British Library today has failed due to snow and lack of trains. There was a train stuck outside our house for half an hour earlier - I think the power to the lines failed. If it loses power, that's heating gone, and I can't carry a blanket as well as everything else :(

And it seems that the National Rail website is lying about train existence - I can see and hear them from here, but trains that I haven't seen or heard have been disappearing off the live update as if they've happened. But I've called the library and they're holding my books for another 3 days.

So very tired.
Tags: literature report, travel, weather

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