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Slightly crap day.

Today was pretty awful. If I'd had time to write in LJ earlier, you'd have been treated to a long, in-depth rant about everything that went wrong today, but now I've calmed down sufficiently that I can't be bothered wasting any more time on it. Instead, I'll give you a brief summary:

Crap things: South West Trains (this morning), buses, WAP (x2), Directory Enquiries, Post Office opening times.
Surprisingly un-crap things: The Jubilee line, South West Trains (this evening).
Good things: Toasted baguette, carrot & butterbean soup, chrismoose.

I should write about the weekend, but I'm too tired to now. Looking forward to next weekend, would anyone like to come to Chessington World of Adventures this Friday (22nd) for the opening? Unfortunately, the new Vampire won't be ready until after Easter, but I've already booked the day off work and it's only 70p on the bus to Chessington with my Tussauds Season Ticket :) Let me know if you're interested...

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