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the things we do for money - helen-louise
the things we do for money
So, I have absolutely no money whatsoever. Less than no money, even, which I'm sure my bank will be poking me about soon. I have two old students who wanted to come back for more lessons. The first one is resitting A-levels, so that should be easy. I've been teaching A-levels for years now. The second is a first year university student.

OH GODS I HAVE FORGOTTEN EVERYTHING I WAS TAUGHT IN MY DEGREE! Except the bits of it that I still use. She's only done one term at uni, but it's a nightmare!

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nitoda From: nitoda Date: 21st December 2010 18:09 (UTC) (Link)
LOL - even if you have forgotten it, it should just be a matter of reminding yourself and not learning it from scratch ... hopefully? Perhaps you could morph the relationship from teacher/student to more one of mentor/learner and then you could allow for some learning together to happen?
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