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Flying in 12 hours.

Richard is ragingly ill with the same snot disease that I had last week. We have to get on an aeroplane tomorrow, and flying with a cold = NOT FUN. I hope he's better when he gets up, though the sounds of coughing and snotty snoring are hardly encouraging. Apologies in advance to HoopyCat and veryfineredwine - sorry that you'll be having to share the same airspace with him.

This is the flight we'll be on tomorrow. Apparently it hasn't actually managed to take off on time ANY TIME in the past 2 weeks, though it usually arrives roughly on time. I hope the weather behaves itself as I don't want to be spending new year in the airport. Feel free to check where we are and/or offer sacrifices to the Gods of Travel for a safe and speedy journey. I believe that chocolate is accepted as a sacrifice by most gods.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do on the flight. Unfortunately, I have already read the entire book that was supposed to keep me amused. I was clearing stuff off my bed and there was a book with words in and I hadn't read them before, and I tried to stop but I couldn't.

More on Flying Whilst Disabled: When we flew a couple of weeks ago, the special needs department at Heathrow was being useless, so my mum & I walked to the gate. This meant that we only just got there in time and spent the whole flight eating painkillers. The JFK parts of the journey (both outward and return) were much more organised and had wheelchairs ready for us. Then we got back to Heathrow and found they were crap again. Hmm.

Well, I've just printed out our boarding passes, and they have put ME in Group 1 because I need extra time to board the aircraft, but Richard's in Group 4 with everyone else! How am I supposed to get all my stuff onto the plane without him to help? You are supposed to be able to lift your own bag into the overhead locker, which is fine if you're tall enough to do so! Bit of a problem if you're short with a bad back.

I think I will ask for a new boarding pass to be printed.
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