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"Hooray" for bodies :S

The past week has been generally quite wretched. I went to the doctor, and realised that my current level of chronic fatigue is (a) way beyond normal for me, (b) impossible to coexist with trying to do a degree. So I have been talking to my Department about applying for a Break in Studies. Which, by the way, SUCKS. I want to be healthy (or at least, within the range of "normal for me") and getting on with my work! I don't want to be at home, too ill to work, basically housebound, with nothing to do except play Sims 3!

I had some blood tests done but not all the results are back yet, and the doctor isn't going to look at them until they are. I'm hoping this will be tomorrow. I am also hoping that something obviously wrong and easy to treat will show up, since I'm bored rigid with being ill.

I need help to walk to the doctor and back. This is a round trip of 0.6 miles. And then I am in pain for the rest of the day. Yay. I'm thinking about renting a wheelchair or electric scooter so I can actually DO THINGS at the weekend. The inside of my house (and specifically my bedroom) is really not a very exciting place :(
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