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Money grrrs.

Sometimes I think I'm too damned honest. My bank finally got round to refunding the money that was stolen from me in February, but they also refunded the money from some genuine transactions. So I rang them to explain that they'd given me too much. It's so annoying - of course I'd like £200 for free, but what if they'd noticed later on? It's better to be honest now than risk having to give the money back later and have the bank think I'm dishonest.

But argh! for them to have actually put that money in my account and for me to have to give it back to them!

I've been meaning to update my journal for a couple of days now, but every day this week there's been some reason why I couldn't. In particular, yesterday I went to bed at 10.30pm because I had a migraine of the "my head is about to explode" variety. Actually, my migraines are quite minor compared to what some people get - they just involve intense pain and nausea rather than strange visual effects and actual vomiting, but that was bad enough. I was extremely bored and frustrated, because I wanted to do things on the computer, but I couldn't bear any light and even reading static text hurt. Thank God a couple of doses of paracetamol + codeine and some sleep got rid of it - I feel sorry for people who get 3-day migraines.

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