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Just to keep you updated. - helen-louise
Just to keep you updated.
I've checked out the prices of electric wheelchair rental online. Found 6 places around the country that can do it, prices start from ~£35 per week and go up to £65 per week. The kind of powerchairs on offer are extremely basic.

Prices of not-terribly-old comparable powerchairs on eBay start at £200, which is about what I'd be paying for 6 weeks rental. I'm thinking I may need the chair for anything from 3 to 6 months. (If I'm not better after 6 months there will be TROUBLE). So I'm now bidding on eBay. When I get better I can sell it again! Or hang on to it, for any future episodes (*groan*), or things like BiCon which are physically exhausting.

This place is awesome, though: Rugged Hire. They do off-road powered wheelchairs for camping, hiking and festivals. Definitely bearing them in mind if I go to anything musical this year. No way I'd want to take my own wheelchair to Knebworth!

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