helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

I have a new phone...

Let's see if Xjournal can manage not to crash this time...

Haven't been posting recently because I've either had enough energy to do things, or enough energy to write about things - and I'd rather be doing things than writing about them. Actually, I have four or five half-written posts that I need to come back to at some point soon, but most evenings I'm too tired to do anything other than play the Sims or read. Damn my lack of spoons!

Anyway, today I got a new phone. I've noticed that a lot of the information in it is horribly out of date, so here is a poll to update that:

Poll #1742716 Updating my contact information.

Mobile phone number:

Do you like to receive social calls and text messages on your mobile? (see Note below)

Yes - calls and texts.
Yes - calls only.
Yes - texts only.
No - only contact me in an emergency.

Home phone number:

Where do you prefer to receive calls?

Mobile phone.
Home phone.
I already said I don't want to receive phone calls!

Personal email address:

Note: unless you're a close friend, I'd arrange a time to call via email or text message. I'm too anxious to make unsolicited phone calls :/
Tags: contact details

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