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Overcoming Avoidance, the easy way

Eh. So, I sat down to work on some stuff for my cognitive behavioural therapy this evening, and instead spent something like 4 hours dealing with some epic wank online. Given how great my health and energy levels are, you can bet it wasn't the kind of wank that I had spare spoons to deal with - but I had to, because it was making me angry to the point of physically shaking.

I also found out what the weird thing that happens to me when I'm trying to get to sleep sometimes is called. A hypnic jerk or hypnagogic jerk, apparently. I was always worried that was some sort of seizure-type thing, but apparently it's completely benign and normal. However, it's more common in people with irregular sleep schedules.

My sleep schedule the past week has been completely fubar. I've been trying to get it sorted, but it's actually got worse. Joy and bliss! This may be due to the fact that I've run out of the high dose vitamin D capsules. I'm under the impression that I'm supposed to give it a few weeks and then have another blood test (so they can see what my vitamin D levels are when I'm not taking it as a supplement), but the pain in my legs is so freaking bad that I may have to start it up again to avoid screaming.

I've found another place that does vegan afternoon tea - this time with cream - and for only £9. Are you interested, nitoda? The scones still look a bit flat, but the cakes are impressive.

Right... back to my worksheets on "Overcoming Avoidance". (Yes, really).
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