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Brighton Pride is this Saturday... - helen-louise
Brighton Pride is this Saturday...
Who's going to Brighton Pride this year?

I haven't decided what to do about it yet because they're charging this year for the first time. It costs £12.50 for adults living outside Sussex, if you buy the ticket in advance. There's no concessions whatsoever, so if you're a disabled person who needs a carer, that's £25 up front. I don't need a carer, as such, but I need someone to push my wheelchair when it gets stuck in a hole. Hrm.

Pride for me is about two things: 1) watching the parade, 2) seeing my friends. I don't care about the other paraphenalia. It's fun to see lots of queer people all dressed up, but you can do that in Brighton on a normal day. I'm not sure if I want to spend quite a lot of money just for the privilege of sitting in the park being deafened by music that I don't like - when it costs nothing to stand or sit on the pavement to watch the parade.

Does anyone know to what extent the ticket income is expected to fund the park event itself, and to what extent the income will be fed back into the community as donations to help run events that I do want to go to? Like quiet Pride events associated with queer books, and money being given upfront to run Brighton BiFest?

If I knew for a fact that £2 of my donation was going to pay for toilets, £2 for policing and other essential services, with £4.50 going to be fed straight back to community events, and it was only £4 that was going to pay for the bloody noisy sound systems - that'd make a big difference to my desire to pay the money; compared with a situation where it's £10 for the noise, £1 for toilets, £1 for policing and 50p going back into the community...

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From: artremis Date: 12th August 2011 22:33 (UTC) (Link)
what have yo decided?

I'll be there with oilrig but a lot of the other people i'd usually meet there won't be because of the cost/disagreeing with being charged for what used to be free. There isn't any official BothWaysness there for various reasons (we had a pre-Pride PubMeet yesterday though)
I haven't seen a breakdown of the costs anywhere - it would be very interesting. But it is worth remembering they've made a loss in recent years because of people being stingy about donations (that's why i'm not horrified at the idea of being charged even though i think it's not ideal - i do however think they are asking too much for what is supposed to be a community event)

Anyway i suspect even with fewer people in the park the mobile network will still fall over so if you are gong to be there it's prolly best to make plan for meeting up beforehand!
baratron From: baratron Date: 13th August 2011 04:09 (UTC) (Link)
I'm not horrified at the thought of being charged, but I think the price is too high. Especially considering there are no concessions.

My fundamental objection is that the only things I ever want to go into Preston Park for are to visit the stalls and possibly buy things, and to hang out with my friends. It would still be Pride if it only had the parade and then nothing else provided. I don't need all those noisy dance tents playing horrible deafening music!

L & I are going to see the Parade somewhere in the town centre, do a bit of shopping, and then go to various free events. The ones that sound most fun are:

Pride Non Stop Party & Street Party @ Queen's Arms
Kamp Kevin, Betty Swollocks & Sissysucks all host a fun day of karaoke and dancing from 3pm till 3am. Plus the QA street bar helping to provide the atmosphere on George Street.
7 George Street, BN2 1RH

Fire at the Old Mill @ Caroline of Brunswick
Saturday, 13th August
Pride Special - post-punk & new wave fun
39 Ditchling Road, Brighton BN1 4SB
times: 12pm - 3am.

We're booked out of Brighton on the 20:19 train because we figured we'd be too tired to stay any longer. It's annoying as there's a film that sounds awesome, but it starts at 10pm and I simply can't do early starts and late nights in the same day!
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