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Pride later today, Kay's memorial picnic next Sunday - helen-louise
Pride later today, Kay's memorial picnic next Sunday
Off to Brighton Pride in, um, less than 4 hours. So why am I online? Insomnia. Argh!

I've even taken a sleeping pill, but it's decided not to work, as they do every 3 or 4 times that I take them. Bah!

My friend L who has no livejournal & I are arriving in Brighton at 10:47 and then going to find somewhere to watch the Parade in the town centre. Get brunch most likely at Infinity Foods Cafe, do a bit of shopping, and then go to various free events. If for some reason you want to stalk me, this comment details where I'll be.

Right - here's another question. Who's going to Kay's picnic next Sunday?

Richard & I will be going. We're doing a round trip in one day for various reasons (both work-related).

We'll probably be getting the 10:36 at Norbiton which connects with the 11:15 at Clapham Junction to Watford Junction, and then the 12:01 from Watford Junction to Coventry, arriving 12:56. This is the 11:45 from London Euston, if anyone wants to join us.

We might get the 11:06 from Norbiton instead, but I have to figure out whether there is a Watford Junction alternative to the route suggested online, since going across London on the Victoria line is rather difficult with a wheelchair.

Coming back we're thinking of being on either the 20:51 or 21:51 back to London Euston, depending on how long we need for eating and socialising.

Will anyone else be going up by train?

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barakta From: barakta Date: 13th August 2011 19:30 (UTC) (Link)
Hope Brighton is going well.

I hope to be at the picnic, but it will entirely depend on spoons but it is likely to be a yes.
From: skibbley Date: 15th August 2011 10:55 (UTC) (Link)
I plan to be at the picnic.
From: x_mass Date: 18th August 2011 08:50 (UTC) (Link)
arrrrrggghhhh! currently I am very very burned out in the netherlands and now I find out the picnic is this sunday?

of for....

looks like I am not seeing pascal and henri
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