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oh, silly LiveJournal...

I couldn't get to the site earlier when I was actually awake enough to write something. I couldn't write offline because I use the website editor rather than a downloaded one, as there isn't one specifically for the type of Linux that is on this computer (and even if there was, the kernel on this machine is ancient (and we can't upgrade it at the moment because Cath has Richard's Redhat install disks), so most software written any time in the past 2 years won't run anyway). I did once try writing in my usual text editor and cutting and pasting into the website editor, but I ran into trouble with line lengths and it was generally annoying.

Three hours after I first started doing stuff online, I'm way too tired to start a long journal entry. So I'll just say that we went to IKEA today, and I now have a new bookcase *bounce*, as well as a load of other new stuff for the house! More about the weekend when I've had some sleep...

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