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Blah! - helen-louise — LiveJournal
Dear Immune System,

I would quite like to have stopped sneezing by the time I arrive at BiCon tomorrow. Please be sorting this out.

No love,

Dear Rest of You,

If I arrive at BiCon pre-lurgified, do I have to wear a bell round my neck with a sign saying "Unclean!"? I hope not, as that Is Not My Kink.

h-l   x

More seriously, I would like to pre-arrange to have dinner with some of you - my spoon levels aren't up to cooking for myself every night, even without a cold. I would especially be interested in getting off-campus at least one night (to an Indian restaurant that knows what vegans are, perhaps?). Any volunteers? There are three nights: Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

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Current Mood: sick snotty

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From: x_mass Date: 1st September 2011 07:44 (UTC) (Link)
i figure bi-curryious will be meeting at least once at bicon and since bondagewoodelf alexillian and rhialto are all vegi and in my flat that might be a good place to start. I've also just bought two tefal red spot pans so rhialto can make pancakes to remember Kay with and I would like to have a go at making fried dough...

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