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Since when has this been an option? - helen-louise
Since when has this been an option?
I just added someone to my friends list, and I noticed a brand new (to me) option in the add friend page:
Read entries by tags

[info]your friend's name uses N tag(s). All entries can be read by default or you can personalize your feed to include/exclude posts tagged with specific words or phrases.

How long's that been there? Sounds incredibly useful, as long as your friend is good about tagging (and doesn't overuse certain tags).

Oh yes - it's 7.06 am, I'm at BiCon, and I haven't managed to get to sleep yet. HELLO MY LOVELY BODY CLOCK! I kinda want to get to a workshop at 11.30am, but I don't honestly think that's going to happen.

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polyfrog From: polyfrog Date: 3rd September 2011 12:28 (UTC) (Link)
It's always been possible. They've recently added more links on more pages to make it easier.
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