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Lived Experience: Can I stop writing emails and do some WORK now please? - helen-louise
Lived Experience: Can I stop writing emails and do some WORK now please?
I've been in my office since 5 pm, it's now 6.30, and all I've done for the past hour and a half is send emails that I wouldn't have to send if I wasn't disabled! And I haven't even finished yet! ARGH!

I am so sick of all the documentation that I have to do, and all the asking people things. In my ideal world, lectures would be like BiCon - the organisers would just assume that someone disabled might want to come, and give details of how to get to the room using a wheelchair on the main poster / put some lumbar support chairs in there in case someone with a bad back turns up / put in a hearing induction loop just in case a deaf person is there... Instead of all this bollocks where the organisers don't even give a specific email address for a disabled person to write to!

And don't even get me started about the Bloomsbury Postgraduate Skills Network, who don't even have a ticky-box saying "Are you disabled?" on their registration form! Let alone any kind of more complicated "Please fill in any special needs that you have" text-entry box... I emailed the administration department of that late on Thursday 6th October - how long should I leave it before I email again? Or try to find a phone number and ring up?


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