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Turn and turnabout.

Back in October, I posted a rant called How to make money on the internet by ripping off gullible idiots. I'd seen adverts all over the place for a couple of months, advertising a job opportunity to make "big money" at home. As at the time I'd been unemployed for about a year, depressed and desperately short of money, I looked into this. And worked out pretty quickly that it must be a scam. I reported what I'd found in an email to the BBC's Watchdog programme and ranted about it on LJ. A week later I got a job, and forgot about it.

I knew it was a scam. What I didn't know was how big a scam. A few days ago jinian posted this link. And I discover it's the same damned company - not content with plastering their way across the US, they've come here to bother us. Hmmm.

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