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Nothing important to see here, just having a grumpy day.

Blah. I'm trying to get work done, but I'm so physically uncomfortable as to make that rather difficult. I'm tired, in pain from the cyst (or whatever), perched on a really nasty chair without sufficient back support, the air in this room is too dry, and my feet itch.

None of these things are related (except, perhaps, that I got even less sleep last night than I would have otherwise, thanks to the pain), and most of them are things I can do nothing about. Bring a more comfortable chair to College, perhaps. Bring some slippers so I don't have to sit in my shoes all day.

These really are a bunch of First World problems, aren't they? Here I am moaning about being uncomfortable when I'm in a heated office with electricity, and clean drinking water and a not completely unhygienic toilet round the corner. Ah well.

Edit: 20:15 I am now sitting cross-legged on the floor and feeling much happier.
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