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I really have my moments of being one of the most idiotic humans on the planet. After realising yesterday that my S.A.D. was totally out of control, I bought a Lumie Zip lightbox today. (This is a small, 350g box that contains white/blue LEDs & allegedly has 2 hours of rechargeable battery life). I am getting more done than I have in weeks!

It cost me £160 from John Lewis. Had I been organised, I could have got it direct from the manufacturers without paying VAT (since it's a recognised medical device for treating a genuine condition), however that'd mean waiting until Tuesday & I needed it NOW. Yesterday. Last week. Probably last month.

I don't know if it's the best lightbox in the world ever, but it's tiny, portable, & presumably low-energy because it has LEDs rather than bulbs. It seems to work. I'll see if anything better exists once my literature report is submitted & I have spare time to look.
Tags: aargh, college, hippyism, seasonal affective disorder

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