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Strange thoughts I had in the shower.

Jolly good, amazon is now un-dead. Or possibly even undead. Which makes me think of the brains4zombies site that someone did ripping off the amazon font.

otterylexa is here for the weekend so much excessive cuteness will be happening in my general direction. Both Richard and Alexa seem to have slight colds, which is worrying as having come from different parts of the country, they are probably different mutations of cold germs. Knowing my luck I'll catch both colds at the same time. Apparently that is possible if the viruses are mutated enough.

I was thinking about how the style of polyamorous relationship called Don't Ask Don't Tell (where one partner dates someone else with everyone knowing that the relationship is not exclusive, but with no details being shared amongst the people who aren't directly involved) is generally a bad idea unless it involves cheesecake. Whilst I was in the bathroom, my partners had a chocolate cheesecake eating orgy. I do not want to know any of the details about the wonderful cheesecake they ate. I am quite happy knowing just that they were eating cheesecake.

In other randomness, on a Connex train out of London Bridge the other day I noticed the safety instruction "If you have to evacuate your train please be extremely careful". Except, perhaps as a result of the recent storyline in User Friendly, I thought it said "If you have to evacuate your brain please be extremely careful".

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